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Metalwork & Industries

Metals We Work With

Not every welding company can work with Stainless Steel and Aluminum the way we can. From raw Steel to Stainless, we are a full service welding specialist.


While stainless steel is known for its durability and long-lasting properties, it is also commonly known as the most difficult metal to work with in terms of welding. As with everything, even the strongest and most effective materials need repairing, updating, or simply need to be built from the beginning. With over three decades of experience working with stainless steel, we’ve mastered the metal.


Expert welding, with precision and expedience, guaranteed every time.


Custom work to match any project scope, regardless of size.


Aluminum is one of the most popular metals used in production, but has its challenges during the welding process. Aluminum is typically difficult to weld due to being soft and sensitive, with an oxidized outer layer that is tougher. Our welders have been working with Aluminum throughout their careers and we are one of the few welding companies in Florida that specifically work with Aluminum and Stainless Steel, two of the more difficult metals to weld.


Adept welding, focused on maintaining the integrity of the product.


Offering flexibility and lightweight solutions to everyday problems.


Steel is one of the most common manmade materails in the world. Any welder worth their weight (in metal, of course) can work with Steel. However, it isn’t just working with the product that matters for the end result. Over the years, we’ve mastered not just Steel, but Aluminum and Stainless Steel as well, providing the highest quality, cleanest lines, and strongest bonds of any metalwork company in the State.


Paramount performance with the most common metal used.


Unique artistry providing levels of customization simply not available elsewhere.

See Our Past Projects In Our Portfolio to Understand the Breadth of Our Capabilities.
install at daytona speedway

Industries we work with

When we first started G&C Welding Specialist, we believed that the creativity and artistry of our VP of Operations in conjunction with the business skills of our CEO would result in opportunities to flex our metal muscles on massive projects. That vision came to life in our work for the Florida Department of Transportion, Orlando City Soccer Stadium, Winter Park Sunrail Station, Daytona International Speedway, major Hotel Chains, and much more. Our focus has not just been major projects, though. We love working with individuals and general contractors looking for unique metal solutions to their problems, even if that problem is simply looking for a styling set of stairs.

From railings and steps to luggage chutes, if it is made of metal, we can fabricate, weld, and install. Turnkey from end to end, we are not intimidated by volume.

Orlando City Soccer Stadium and Daytona International Speedway may look very different, but their railings guide and support millions of people each year, just the same.

As one of just 14 companies that are certified to work with the Florida Department of Transportation on railings, we take pride in helping move Floridians along.


Much more than a simple method of changing altitude, stairs provide function, of course, but an opportunity for form as well. Fit, form, and function: Our Mission.

Guiding hands, holding drinks, and keeping people safe is thankless work, but the humble railing defines safety in all applications. We build, weld, and install. Simple.

The restaurant business requires customization, not just in menu and service, but in the kitchen space required to execute. Stainless steel customization is our specialty.